TIES 2015 Educational Technology Conference

MakerSpace Experience: Hands-on Learning

Saturday, December 12
8:30am - 3:30pm

You've heard a lot about the Maker Movement. Now is your chance to explore maker tools and consider what possibilities they hold for your practice. We'll start with an overview of the movement, share examples from classrooms, and spend the rest of our time working at hands-on maker stations. We have implemented the MakerSpace concept in our schools and will share our experiences as educators, give you a chance to be a Maker, and construct ideas on how Maker concepts can support student learning.

Build Literacy Success with Technology

Sunday, December 13
8:30am - 11:30am

Literacy needs to remain in the front seat once technology is introduced to the classroom. Strong literacy skills foster success in all areas of academics. Come learn some ways digital tools (including iPads, Google, and online resources) can be used hand-in-hand with literacy instruction.

Limitless Learning with Google Tools

Monday, December 14
12:50pm - 1:40pm

Explore 25 Google Tools to enrich student learning. Go beyond the traditional written Doc or Slides presentation to open opportunities for learners to discover the world. See ideas to Build, Broadcast, Cite, Code, Connect, Compose, Design, Discover, Experience, Explore, Fly, Gesture, Keep, Listen, Map, Poll, Produce, Role-Play, Search Beyond, Track Changes, Traverse, Uncover, and Visualize.

Our Flexible Learning and MakerSpace Journey

Tuesday, December 15
10:30am - 11:20am

In our ever-changing educational environment, the role the classroom is more than just desks inside walls. Learning is not only passive listening, quiet research, or silent reading. Instead, schools are integrating more vibrant, active learning spaces. Come discover and discuss ideas of how to reimagine learning spaces of the library media center and classrooms. See how creative opportunities such as MakerSpaces can support innovation in your school as they have at Hopkins North Junior High. Come ready to see ways to tinker, play, explore, and create.