Presentations for the TIES Summer Professional Development Workshops

Word 2010 for Windows Introduction
July 19
This workshop is an introduction to Word 2010. The 2010 Ribbon and Office Button have replaced the menu bars, tool bars, and task panes of earlier versions of Microsoft Word. In this workshop we will concentrate on the basic word processing features and some of the other Word features you may not be familiar with. Some of the topics covered include: typing and formatting text, setting tabs, margins and indents; using the spell checker and auto correct features, and more. Familiarity with the Windows interface would be useful, but no specific software experience is needed.

Word 2010 for Windows Intermediate
August 5
This workshop is an intermediate level workshop for Word 2010. Features to be covered will include the Windows 2010 ribbon feature, document formatting, illustrations, word art, tables of contents, bibliographies, page layouts, and mailings. Participants will leave this workshop with a thorough understanding of most of the capabilities of Word 2010 for Windows. Experience with using Word 2010 or attendance at a Word 2010 for Windows Introduction class is highly recommended.

PowerPoint 2011 for Macintosh Introduction
August 12
The new version of PowerPoint has features to simplify presentation creation utilizing the new Ribbon interface, gallery, templates, and easy integration of iPhoto and iTunes. In this workshop, you will learn to create professional-looking presentations quickly and easily. We will create slide shows incorporating text, clip art, transitions,design templates and animated text and objects. We’ll also learn about the features available while presenting a slide show.

Excel 2010 for Windows Intermediate
July 19
This workshop will use the new “Ribbon interface” of Excel 2010. The 2010 Ribbon interface and the Office Button have replaced the menu bars, tool bars, and task panes of earlier versions of Excel. Build on the skills you developed in Excel 2010 Introduction. This workshop will focus on working with functions, multiple worksheets and some of the data commands. Participants in this workshop will use average, vlookup and the if functions, manage multiple sheets in a workbook, use range names and create 3D formulas. We will also take a look at some of the new features of Excel like SparkLines and take a look around to see where things have been relocated to or removed since the last version.

Excel 2010 - Introduction to Pivot Tables and Other Database FeaturesAugust 9This workshop introduces tools that will help you organize your data so that you can analyze it more easily. Auto filter, advanced filter, subtotals, database functions, and an investigation of pivot tables will be conducted. In addition we will consider some other database features as time allows. Other features, such as concatenation and parsing, and importing data from text files or delimited files will be covered. Participants in this workshop have already mastered the material covered in the intermediate level of Excel 2010 and are ready for taking this tool to the next level—data-driven decision making and leveraging quantitative information to describe essential functions and realities in, around and beyond the classroom. Please bring your insights about how you might use data differently and you may even consider brining in a sample of your dataset to consider the implications of these new tools and approaches to data analysis.
iPad Intermediate—Secondary Classroom Use
August 21
iPads are a highly engaging tool for the classroom. This workshop will explore ways to use apps and other content to engage students in 21st Century skills. The iPad can be used to focus on specific skill development or as a tool to take students to a new level of creativity. We will explore ways to evaluate and find apps that are relevant for your classroom. If you are new to the iPad it is highly recommended that your take Introduction to the iPad before taking this course. Participants are encouraged to come with ideas to share. Note that the content of this course is also relevant for the iPod Touch.

Loyola Catholic School - Mankato

Assessment Using Technology
August 22
Join me for an exploration of my favorite online tools for assessment. Think about how you can apply tools like rubric makers, checklists, surveys, polls and quizzes to impact assessment at your school. Be sure to bring your cell phone to this class. Kids love technology; maybe we can utilize these tools so they feel more positively about assessment!

21st Century Skills Tools & Learning Resources
August 22
Students need to master skills beyond basic content knowledge to succeed both academically and economically in a global economy. This workshop provides an overview of the components of 21st Century Skills, along with a wide array of tools and teaching strategies for helping students of all ages build these skills. Participants will leave the workshop with a complete understanding of 21st century skills and how to start incorporating these with content knowledge instruction.