South of the River Learning Academy

Young Digital Citizens: Teaching Online Responsibility
Tuesday, June 19 8:30-11:30

Teach your students to become quality digital citizens who are safe and responsible on the Internet, use proper communication etiquette, and respect copyright in their digital lives. Explore resources for elementary students and leave with activities ready to use in the classroom and online. This session addresses the technology licensure requirement.

Excel Beyond Excel Cells
Wednesday, June 20 8:30-11:30

Right now, you know how to open an Excel spreadsheet. You can alphabetize and sort your data. You can switch between sheets. Maybe you can even write formulas. But, the rest of Excel looks like a foreign language? Come to this session to demystify Excel. Learn some advanced formulas, how to create interactive data collection sheets, and other tricks to have Excel enhance your life. This session addresses the technology licensure requirement.

Novice Session: Using Interactive Whiteboards
Thursday, June 21 12:30-3:30

This session is for novices on interactive white boards! If you already have used an IWB, this isn’t the class for you! Come if you want to learn the basics of interactive whiteboard software, learn some great interactive websites, and discuss different ideas on how to incorporate lessons that reach every level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. While the course is presented in SMART Notebook, the resources would be transferable to any IWB brand. This session addresses the technology licensure requirement.