Presentations for the TIES Summer Professional Development Workshops

Google Drive Introduction
June 16
Explore the world of cloud computing by experiencing Google Drive. Participants will learn to use the Google Drive applications: Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. We will also discuss the advantage of using these applications and how they can be used collaboratively. Participants should come with an active Google account and are encouraged to register for the extended +3 Coaching work time to apply what they’ve learned to their own content.

SMART Board Notebook 11 and 14 Introduction
June 17, July 7, July 10, August 3
Do you have a new SMART Board in your classroom? Are you getting one soon? During this introduction participants will begin to explore this technology, discover how it works and identify ways to use it with classes. The session will include an opportunity for hands-on practice with the SMART Board and time to explore the SMART Notebook software. Leave the workshop ready to start integrating the SMART Board into your existing lessons and activities.

Excel 2010 for Windows Introduction
July 8
This course provides an understanding of how spreadsheets can be used to calculate and analyze numbers and display data. In this workshop participants will become familiar with basic worksheet concepts and learn to enter and format data, create formulas and print basic worksheets. Basic familiarity with Windows and how to use it is critical for this class, but no spreadsheet familiarity is required.

iMovie 10.0 Basics for Mac Computer Users
July 9
iMovie for the Mac computer adds new dimensions to the film production process. In this Introductory workshop, participants will experience the movie creation process from start to finish by importing video, photos and music and using the powerful editing tools to create dynamic films. No prior video experience is required, but participants should be familiar with the Mac operating system. We will be using the latest version of iMovie 10.0 which was released in 2013.

iPad Intermediate—Classroom Use
August 4
iPads are a highly engaging tool for the classroom. This workshop will explore ways to use apps and other content to engage students in 21st Century skills. The iPad can be used to focus on specific skill development or as a tool to take students to a new level of creativity. We will explore ways to evaluate and find apps that are relevant for your classroom. If you are new to the iPad it is highly recommended that your take iPad Introduction before taking this course. Participants are encouraged to come with ideas to share.

SMART Board Interactives
August 11
SMART Boards and the SMART Notebook software offer teachers and students an opportunity to teach and learn in an interactive environment. Techniques will be shared to help you create hide and reveal strategies, links and tabs. SMART also has a number of interactive tools built into Notebook like the Activity Builder, Lesson Activity Toolkit and more. Bring a flash drive to take your files with you. Prerequisite: Introductory SMART Board and SMART Notebook training and application in the classroom.

SMART Substitute Teachers
August 18
With the growth of SMART Boards in schools, substitute teachers have an increasing need to work with these interactive tools. In this workshop, we will explore how to use the SMART Board and basic SMART Notebook 11 tools. Participants will focus on how to use the files that other teachers have created and interact with those files using the SMART Tools. You will have the opportunity to practice writing and manipulating objects on a SMART Board as well as within SMART Notebook 11 on a computer using a mouse.