Google Docs: Baby Steps First

If you have not logged into Google Drive before, or have used it very little, this is the session to begin. We will take baby steps in logging into Drive, navigating between Drive and Mail, creating a Doc to share with others. You can begin to step more confidently forward in your Google experience.

Platform Agnostic Tools (beyond the iPad or Chromebook)

Not every school can put uniform 1:1 technology into the hands of every student. But, many powerful tools can engage learners across devices and platforms. If your school is a Bring Your Own model or if you are working from a variety of devices, these tools can work for you. Perform assessments, have students create projects and more... from any web-enabled device.

A Window into Learning: Using Social Media to Promote your Classroom or School

Technology can provide a very powerful window into your classroom. Hear some ideas about how to use different tools to make your parents and community active participants in student learning.